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  Random Steam Key
Posted by: BcY - Yesterday, 12:49 AM - Forum: Giveaways & Time-limited Free Games - Replies (1)

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Lightbulb Suggestion Form Template
Posted by: BcY - 26-07-2017, 05:33 PM - Forum: Suggestions & Development - No Replies

Before sharing your suggestion with us, make sure that it's as easy as possible to understand. Make it clear.

Here is the template you should use.

[b]Title of Suggestion:[/b]

[b]Detailed Description:[/b]


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  Suggestion - Show player's country
Posted by: ZaXiCy - 15-07-2017, 03:16 PM - Forum: Suggestions & Development - Replies (2)

Title of Suggestion: Show player's country

Detailed Description: During joining or leaving the server, the player's country information will be displayed as such globally. A few months ago I've uploaded a small Lua script utility (click me!) that does it flawlessly. The file contains both the standalone script and the plugin for the Y.A.T.E.S framework (all you have to do is to extract the standalone Lua only).

Why: Some people might be curious where are the players living. Some standard CS 1.6 servers have a usage of these plugins to show someone's country. Bear in mind that no personal advantage or anything similar are given within this script though.

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  Half-Life: They Hunger
Posted by: ZaXiCy - 13-07-2017, 03:14 PM - Forum: Half-Life - Replies (2)

A zombie apocalypse mod, released in 1999 with the name "They Hunger" whose plot begins in certain villages and in towns, infested by a major nest of infected humans including even crabs! Is a very acclaimed mod and I am a big fan of this.

I've played it like a couple of times and the atmosphere isn't so scary at all, unless you have never played it or you're very sensitive/emotional on gore/horror stuff but I can assure you it was a great experience! I have even on my pretty old computer with Windows XP on it!  Wink

It's been like a couple of months that I stopped playing on it again, old days were a great time. Here's the link of their main page for those who've never heard of it.


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  [Kgb2D] Marcell's Application
Posted by: marcell - 12-07-2017, 05:47 PM - Forum: Approved - Replies (1)

1-Real name(surname not required): Marcell Csendes
2-In-game name: Marcell
3-USGN ID : 6943
4-USGN name: Marcell
5-Age: 23
6-Country: Hungary
7-Languages: Hungarian, English
8-Reason for Joining: I never joined to any clan before, happy to see there are some veteran group just like I am.
9-How long you've been the forum member(min. 1 month): 1 month
10-How good is your English : I would say, very nice.
11-What do you do best in CS2D: Being first at Construction maps
12-How can you help us(lua,sfx,map,etc):  hosting website, making small lua scripts
13-How long you play CS2D: 10 years+
14-Favourite gun: M4A1 and Five-Seven
15-Favourite map: de_dust2, ctf_xmas
16-Did you join any other clans: never and ever, this is the first time.
17-What does loyalty mean to you: like not leaving clan in a week and/or join to other. respect team mates.
18-More informations about you: I am an entrepreneur, plus trying to help CS2D community as I can.
19-Do you have an invitation: nope
20-Who sent you the invitation: -
21- (6x9): 54
22-Do you read and accept the rules? () : yes, I did.

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  Community inactivity.
Posted by: Masea - 09-07-2017, 11:18 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (5)


I've been here for 3 weeks and I don't even know who is in my community or even if they're in, their name except for BcY. So they're currently @BrT, @Se7en, @Medeiros . However, we sadly never met to each other.

Why did they join? Here are a few reasons written by them:
BrT: i have ideas for KGB2D, i thinking KGB2D clan is need changes.
Mederios: I have known KGB2D for many years and even once made a crappy ol' website for the clan when I used the "Hardstylehunt3r" alias many years ago. I was one of the first members. I'm back to CS2D and I enjoy the KGB2D servers a lot. 

@BrT: What ideas? Youtube one? Okay fine, what ideas for Youtube while we've 4-year-old servers?
@Medeiros : Wanna play together? Did you ever ask?...
@Se7en: Looks like his reason has stayed at the old forum. Too sad. Let's handle his last visit(9 days ago), are you even a member?

So I ask you guys if we won't be in contact, what is this community even for? Why BcY opened it or why he accepted you? To stay as a robot? To make your name more different than others as adding a tag to the head? Not really...

So let's make together something. With helping each other, we can handle this.

Who'd like to be with me?!

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Big Grin What's like inside a running engine?
Posted by: ZaXiCy - 09-07-2017, 11:34 AM - Forum: Off-Topic - Replies (1)

Have you ever wondered how an engine works from your car and all the noises inside the engine block? Fear not, some mechanic enthusiasts have already shown it such as this guy from this video below.

As you can see, that engine is only a sample with only one cylinder (thus only one piston) with a fully transparent block head to see the piston inside the combustion chamber in action. The most amazing stuff is when this guy doesn't just apply gasoline in it but also a variety of other highly reactive chemicals such as acetylene. So cool, ain't it?  Wink

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  Salutations, everyone!
Posted by: ZaXiCy - 06-07-2017, 06:31 PM - Forum: Newcomers - Replies (6)

I'm fairly sure most of you know me very well or probably not everyone, that's normal. First and foremost, let me introduce who I am.

I'm ZxC, I usually come up with that nickname on most of websites specially in Unreal Software and I am also a moderator staff of that community thus I tend to visit it more often to check the activity and content made by users (posts, files from the file archive, etc.). My real name's George but very few users call me like that. Born in Romania, raised there and I actually live in Italy with my mother however I'm not so sure if I'd stay here permanently. I am 18 years old at the moment.

OK, enough personal info, let's go with the CS2D/US scene. It all started in the (middle?) of 2011 when I was searching for certain AMX Mod X plugins for Counter-Strike 1.6 for my local hosted server. I found a website which offers many of those plugins both in English and in my local language and it also offers modded versions of CS 1.6. In the middle of nowhere, I saw Counter-Strike 2D (CS2D) in the section of Counter-Strike related games. I was like, how to say it exactly, intrigued. The most intriguing fact is that CS2D does have a community website on its own, Unreal Software and the owner of all this is DC. However, I didn't really want to join Unreal Software until I decided to give it a whirl in 2012 although I was pretty inactive because I had very poor English knowledge. My real activity began in the nearly-end in 2014.

Afterwards I started to join a community for the first time and hosting a server for that with my crappy VPS. Furthermore, I decided to leave it and discover other realms and there I found TAB (The Anal Bagels) organised by Yates which is now dead and we're deciding to create another community.

My current career is to become a car mechanic engineer as I do have some passion about cars, mainly engines. I don't have so many hobbies except at surfing the net and very rarely write very simplistic programs written in C because of mere curiosity on imperative and structured programming languages such as C.

And to finish with, I'd like to salute every member of KGB2D. Cheers!

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  BrT's Application for Member
Posted by: BrT - 04-07-2017, 01:02 AM - Forum: Approved - Replies (5)

1-Real name : Berat.

2-In-game name: BrT.
3-USGN ID : 123345
4-USGN name: berat bilgi.
5-Age: 19
6-Country: Turkey.
7-Languages: Turkish, English.
8-Reason for Joining: i have ideas for KGB2D, i thinking KGB2D clan is need changes.
9-How long you've been the forum member: I am the 2nd member of this KGB2D clan forum.
10-How good is your English : 7/10
11-What do you do best in CS2D: editing map, talk my cs2d friends.
12-How can you help us(lua,sfx,map,etc): I can help with the development of the map.
13-How long you play CS2D: 3-4 Years.
14-Favourite gun: M4A1.
15-Favourite map: Kgb2d gta town.
16-Did you join any other clans: yes I did.
17-What does loyalty mean to you: Confidence, cooperation and Freedom
18-More informations about you: I like sport activites and I have been doing fitness for 2 years.
19-Do you have an invitation: yes I have.
20-Who sent you the invitation: BcY
21- (6x9): 54
22-Do you read and accept the rules? () : yes I do

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Bug CS2DGO Update - Operation Hellfire - v1.1
Posted by: Masea - 02-07-2017, 10:32 PM - Forum: Suggestions & Development - No Replies

Operation Hellfire
Welcome to new Update(v1.1) for CS2DGO.

[ADDED] New Operation: Hellfire
[ADDED] New Case: Hellfire Case
[ADDED] Mission System.
[ADDED] Ticket System.
[ADDED] 6 more new droppable skins.
[ADDED] Item Offers page.
[ADDED] You can see now how many times you've been MVP from the Main Menu.
[FIXED] An issue that ignores the menu resetting whenever player trades something.
[CHANGED] When you sell something, the game directly opens the last page of Market to make you surely see what did you put in the Market.
[CHANGED] When you buy something from the Market, the game automatically resets the Market menu to prevent the unwanted things.
[CHANGED] "ensuring the bomb explode" EXP now gives 200 instead of 460.
[CHANGED] "defusing the bomb" EXP now gives 250 instead of 260.
[CHANGED] "neutralizing an enemy" EXPs now gives a different point by the difficulty of the weapon.
[CHANGED] Colour of "MARKET" prefix(0, 255, 200 to 0, 255, 155).

Missions stand for obtaining random or specific items by completing required instructions in-game. You can access your Mission Menu by pressing [F4].

There is currently 2 type of missions.
1. Daily Missions
2. Accessible Missions

The Daily Missions can be taken each day you join the server. You can only get 3 or less missions per day.

The Accessible Missions can be obtained only by using Tickets. Such as Hellfire Ticket. These Missions' rewards are often better than Daily Missions'.

Operations stand for giving a name to the Updates we make. However, it doesn't mean there'd always be new operation when there's a new Update. With new Operations, the modification will always get a new case and ticket for increasing the fun.

Item Offers Page
This page will contain the items that admins sell. There'd usually be the items which are not reachable anywhere else. You can access to this page from the Market Menu.

Item Offers can be changed anytime. Decide your purchases carefully.

[Image: 8d8BOV.png]
Hellfire Case Content

[Image: aGXWvO.png]
UMP45 | Sphinx

[Image: kWEoQm.png]
SG550 | Fire Powder

[Image: vpZ9W6.png]
Elite | Cobra Strike

[Image: N1kPXP.png]
SG552 | Bubbles

[Image: PrQ9ZN.png]
G3SG1 | The Ray

[Image: mkEBbV.png]
Aug | Torque

[Image: Dd3Z1z.png]
AK47 | Black Laminate

[Image: YN40yz.png]
USP | Cyrex

[Image: pWE1AL.png]
P228 | Asiimov

[Image: RPQMAj.png]
M4A1 | Chantico's Fire

The case also contains Rare Special Items.
Obtaining this case pretty much like how you obtain the previous case(s).

[Image: 3qA054.png]
Hellfire Ticket

It can be obtained by buying from Item Offers page.
Gives you additional missions with their unique rewards.
When you finish its missions, you can buy once again.
 It disappears when you use it.

NOTE: Existing missions cannot be obtained over! Do not use this ticket again if you have the specific missions already.

Enjoy and stay tuned for new Updates!

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